Splatterpunk Modifications

d6 Evil Dead

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Savage Splatterpunk!

Break out the chainsaws and put on your raincoats, folks… it’s time to get bloody!
“Splatterpunk” is a particular brand of horror that emphasizes violent, over-the-top action; the “zombies and chainsaws” movies Evil Dead II and Dead Alive are perfect cinematic examples of the genre. Since we all know how good Savage Worlds is when it comes to wiping out tons of zombies in bloody fashion, tweaking a few of the rules just a hair will take us square into splatterpunk territory… at least that’s what our resident zombie, Butch Curry, tells me


Just Too Crazed to Notice
Drop the wound penalties for Wild Cards; losing limbs, pints of blood, and square feet of skin shouldn’t slow anyone down! Just bear in mind that this will render the Nerves of Steel and Improved Nerves of Steel Edges unnecessary. Since it applies to all Wild Cards, both good and bad, don’t worry too much about game balance being thrown off! GMs and players should be encouraged to really play up the special effects of their wounds— remember, in splatterpunk, nothing ever bleeds a little!

Ewww, Gross… Now Gimme a Benny
It’s not that uncommon for splatterpunk “heroes”, if you can call them that, to lose a limb or suffer some other horrific injury, though it never seems to slow them down for long. Any time a player character receives a wound, they can voluntarily ask the GM to roll on the Injury Table for them! They’ll suffer the effects of the injury for the rest of that scene only though, and in return for the injury they get a free Benny. After that scene, they’ll still have the Injury; it just won’t cause them any difficulty. For example, a character who takes brain damage would shake it off after the fight. Another who lost an eye would slap a makeshift eye patch on and continue on as if nothing had happened. If a character loses a hand they should get an immediate opportunity to replace it with a hatchet, chainsaw, big freakin’ hook, or
what have you, and still function without penalty.

Takes a Lickin’, but Keeps on Kickin’
Immediately after any fight, surviving characters may make a Vigor roll to heal a wound (or two with a raise).


Chainsaws and sawed-off shotguns are the weapons of choice for real splatterpunk zombie slayers, but here are a few others might come in handy:
• Lawnmower: 3d6 damage, –2 Fighting, and acts as a Medium
Shield. Roll a 1 on your Fighting die (regardless of the Wild Die)
and the lawnmower engine dies. It takes an action to start it again.
• Nail Gun: 2d6+3 damage, Range 1/2/3, AP 1. Not a lot of
range, but if it packs a fair amount of punch!
• Power Drill: Strength+3. If you roll a 1 on your Fighting die
(regardless of the Wild Die), the drill gets stuck in your hapless
victim. You’ll have to make a Strength roll to wrench it free.


You’re going to want to kill a lot of zombies, too, and splatterpunk zombies aren’t usually too tough! An easy way to handle LOTS of zombies all at once is to treat them as a Zombie Swarm, which represents a nearly unlimited supply of zombies. Swarms can be evaded for short periods of time, but will eventually reform and come after you again.

Splatterpunk Zombie

  • Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
  • Skills: Fighting d6, Guts, d6, Intimidation d6
  • Pace: 4; Parry: 5; Toughness: 5
  • Special Abilities:
  • Giblets a’ Flyin’: Any attack which renders a ‘punk Zombie shaken will blow off a limb,
    decapitate it, slice it’s guts open so it’s intestines spill out onto the floor, etc. This doesn’t have any game effects except for looking really gross!
  • Slam/Bite: Normally, a zombie will grab and strike at an opponent for Strength damage. If
    they manage to get a raise on their Fighting roll, they lunge in and bite for Str +2 damage
    instead. (If they lost their head per Giblets a’ Flyin’, the head rolls up and bites the character on the ankle or something similar).
  • Undead: These zombies are undead, but they don’t get any of the normal benefits for it!

Zombie Swarm

  • Attributes: Agility d4, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
  • Skills: Fighting d6, Guts d8
  • Pace: 4; Parry: 5; Toughness: 7
  • Special Abilities:
  • Bite/Claw: Anyone within the zombie swarm takes damage (Str) from the each round they
    remain within the swarm.
  • Swarm: When Shaken, an additional Shaken result doesn’t result in a wound. Use a Large
    Burst Template for the swarm. Unlike other swarms, the Zombie Swarm can be Shaken and
    wounded with normal (non-area effect) attacks, though you won’t be able to destroy it
    permanently. When wounded, the swarm disperses for 1d4 rounds; after that, it must
    make a Smarts roll each round in order to reform. An area effect attack which gets a raise
    on damage (bombs, grenades, Molotov cocktails, etc.) is the only way to destroy the swarm
    permanently. These buggers are annoying!
  • Undead: The Zombie Swarm is undead, but gets none of the normal benefits for it!

taken from an article in Shark Bytes #2 – October 2004, by Butch Curry

Splatterpunk Modifications

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